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Operating hours:

Monday – Friday            Saturday
9am – 5:30pm                 9am – 2pm

Our store is located at:

561 Keilor Road

Dealer Principle: Damian Weddall

Phone :                     FAX :

(03) 9351 0055          (03) 9351 0077


Raceway Suzuki Motorcycles Store front

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Raceway Suzuki Motorcycles is your One-Stop-Shop for all your Motorcycle needs. We offer a trade-in service and financing to make your dream bike possible. Our expert motorcycle technicians can your bike back on the road with Smash, crash and accident repairs. Professional advice is ensured through our reliable Partner Swann Insurance for all motorcycle insurance needs. Naturally we stock a full range of new Suzuki motorbikes and for those on a tighter budget used bikes too. 


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